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According to Marketdata Enterprises, Inc., the self-improvement market is a growing $10 billion business.  This market spans from brain science to yoga, business and leadership to nutrition and everything in between.  As an author, speaker or teacher in this growing market you might be wondering how to find your audience and how this market finds you.  The Inspired Network offers the solution.


Why we do what we do:

At the Inspired Network, we believe in everyone living their lives to their fullest potential. We have all sought to find those teachers who inspire us, motivate, and move us to the next level. To embody our mission of helping people live full, rich lives, we have created a network of the best presenters in the industry.  We are a content rich, neutral field, offering platforms that create high visibility to allow your message to reach a curious and engaged audience.


Let Inspired Network help you.

We offer platforms to promote, highlight, and share your message with a diverse global audience.   We have a dynamic team with over 50 years of cumulative experience in marketing, promotion, sales, social media, web design and SEO development.  The website will include compelling information and educational tidbits in that delicious mix of mystery of life and new science, in a trusted and non-dogmatic way.


How does it work? It starts by you using the Inspired-network to help you grow your business with our marketing and business support services. We free our clients up allowing them to focus on creation and presentation!


Let Our Experts Help You:

  • Design and maintain your website
  • Optimize your online presence
  • Book your event
  • Handle all sales and registration logistics
  • Add events to your website, build landing pages, add ecommerce capabilities
  • Send emails
  • Market with SEO, Social media, and PPC
  • Follow up with all leads on your list


We can also help you market your events and services on the Inspired-Network Website

Here are some suggestions to create your own unique package:


  • We will create your unique Inspired Network landing Page, which will include all your marketing and media products.
  • Home page visibility–We will feature up to 4 presenters each quarter focusing on upcoming events, information, and product offerings.
  • Registration sales and logistics for upcoming events—Let IN handle your sales and make your life easy by having our sales team follow up with your leads.
  • Social Media:  Increase market presence with, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.


All of our services can be built as a customized package or can be purchased ala carte.  At the Inspired Network our mission is to collaborate with you.

How do we choose the teachers and speakers for our website? 


Our selection process is based upon getting to know you and your message, endorsements and recommendations from trusted sources, and getting to know your products. It is imperative to us that all teachers, their message and products, are based in integrity and sound practice.
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