Fire in the Heart – discover and claim creativity in all of your life


Accessing your creativity in all that you do in your life

“Living creatively is a state of being. When we are in it we have a willingness to learn, to explore, and to risk or push boundaries. We experience an openness that recognizes our soul, our essence. Wherever that leads us, we are fully alive and present.”

- Lynn Berryhill

Fire in the Heart is a series of 3 classes that will build on each other to cultivate Creativity, Vitality, and Joy.


The 3 classes – Earth, Soul, Spirit:


EARTH – Loosen up and express yourself!

Find the beliefs and patterns that block your creativity and open to what is possible. You will expand your definition of creativity and see your critic that tells you that you are not creative. Through guided journeys and self- discovery exercises, you will find your power animal and deepen your connection to spirit.

SOUL – Explore your soul more deeply, and discover allies that support your creativity.

See how the brain impacts your creativity. Find acceptance for the cycles of life that seem to interrupt your flow and discover the allies that are here to support you. Explore what archetypes and tools can bring your creativity and sense of connection forward, influencing your creativity.

SPIRIT – Create a clear vision of your creative dream and align with the support that will bring it into form.

Look at who you are now, free of past beliefs and block. Discover your strengths and create your dream of your life with full access to your creativity in all that you do. Use your tools that you have learned, to activate, nourish, and sustain your heart and soul’s biggest dream from the place of love and joy.


What you will walk away with:


  • Expansion of your understanding and energy around creativity to all of life’s activities
  • See your critic and clear blocks and beliefs that have shut off your creativity.
  • Uncover the movement that was natural to you as a child
  • Discover how your masculine and feminine energy interact with your creativity
  • Learn how to find acceptance with natural cycles of life that you may struggle with
  • Explore what nourishes, activates, and sustains your creativity
  • Deeper connection to your creative dream and what will support you in living it
All 3 classes include sound, music, movement, materials and self-discovery exercises.

Class one – Earth: July 17-19, 2015
Class two – Soul: Sept 25-27, 2015
Class three – Spirit: Dec. 4-6, 2015
Cost $495 per class plus a one time materials fee of $40 (included in registration of first class)
The Prospector
Park City, Utah

$495 Class Registration
Select Class:

Class one – Earth: July 17-19, 2015
Class two – Soul: Sept 25-27, 2015
Class three – Spirit: Dec. 4-6, 2015
$450 Early Class Registration
Select Class:

Class one – Earth: July 17-19, 2015 – register by June 26th
Class two – Soul: Sept 25-27, 2015 – register by Sept 4th
Class three – Spirit: Dec. 4-6, 2015 – register by Nov 13th
$1275 All three classes ($250 savings)

About Lynn Berryhill:
Lynn-BerryhillLynn is a teacher, artist and shamanic practitioner. She first taught creativity classes at the University of Utah’s Summer Institute 20 years ago, highlighting individual creativity in all parts of life. For the past 15 years, she has traveled the world as senior faculty for the Four Winds Society, teaching energy healing in the Peruvian shamanic traditions.
Lynn has studied with many teachers with an emphasis on spirituality, including energy masters in the Eastern and Western traditions. She has delighted in being an abstract painter for over 30 years and being featured in many art galleries throughout Utah. Above all, she is inspired to help others to access their own creativity and joy. Knowing that, by doing so, they will source directly from their hearts and souls, and experience being fully present and alive.