Inspired Courses, Workshops, and Events

Courses to Expand Your Self Discovery and Evolution


For the passionate and curious seeker, we offer in depth programming for more refined and ever deepening self-discovery and evolution.

We all want to live abundant, fulfilling, wholehearted lives. We have a beautiful variety of workshops and immersions that are designed to shift you, to bring you more into alignment with your gifts and support you in living an authentic life.

Our high quality courses and workshops are designed to tune you in and turn you on, light you up and draw you out.

Go with what you know, or take a leap of faith out beyond the edge of your comfort zone.

There are so many different opportunities for workshops these days. How does a curious seeker decide which one to choose? We have made it easy for you because we have chosen the “Best of the Best” to bring their trainings, seminars and coaching to The Inspired Network. The founders of the company are highly trained healers who have studied with skilled and sought after teachers all over the world. We know what works, and which presenters are inspiring, ethical and gifted.

Personal growth and expansion is about taking your life on a journey, rising above the drama of life, and finding the meaning and possibility that exists in difficult situations. Change can be challenging – growth can take us outside our comfort zone. We provide you with the teachers, trainings and opportunities to move you gracefully through change, to find the silver lining in challenge and to transform confusion into clarity.


Workshops that Enrich and Elevate:


 Coping with Grief – Healing Workshop


image006Inspired Network presents the Coping with Grief – Healing Workshop with Terri Daniel, Suzane Northrop and Toby Christensen. Christensen. Conscious Grieving will take you on a journey using heart opening drumming, guided meditations, healing ceremonies and messages from the spirit world. You will learn how to turn your loss into love and find your connection to deep joy and gratitude.






Shamanic Workshops:


beyond-becoming-smallBeyond Becoming with Berta C. Kuhnel — an Intensive Shamanic Workshop — We are in a time of great leaping. Learn to unplug completely from the old paradigm, bound by lack and need, then strongly anchor into a new way of holding our engagement with life. Learn to journey beyond the veil to the place of our original choice, releasing that which no longer serves us, and calling in our new way of Being as we move into the New Paradigm.

fire-heart-bigFire in the Heart with Lynn Berryhill — Discover and claim creativity in all of your life. In this 3 part series you will loosen up and express yourself, explore your soul more deeply, discover allies that support your creativity, and create a clear vision of your creative dre





Special Events:


drummerBreak open your Heart: A special Friday night concert with Healing Drummer Toby Christensen — In this sound healing concert the djembe drum will take you on a journey into your heart. The music will reconfigure any aspects of your energy field that are misaligned and may have become blocked. Move through the grief to a place of grace, love and openness.