Beyond Becoming with Berta C. Kuhnel an Intensive Shamanic Workshop


We are living in amazing times; there is such a rich opportunity to bring the fullness of who we are into an expansive place of “Being”


This is a time of great leaping. We will unplug completely from the old paradigm bound by lack and need; then strongly anchor into a new way of holding our engagement with life. We will take all the tools we have learned and cultivated over the years and work with them at a new level, awakening gateways of potential and receptivity that open us even wider to our Higher Selves and Co-Creation.


This intensive workshop is a synthesis of Shamanic work, Sacred geometry, Esoteric Acupuncture and Sound Healing. It is a time for pointed personal focus and shifting. The group will be limited to 30 participants so we can work deeply and profoundly.


  • Journey  beyond the veil to see your original choice
  • Reconfigure the motivation of your life
  • Learn to clear the lines of the old patterns, wounds, and traumas all the way back to the original choice and make a new choice for you and your clients
  • Integrate all the gifts you have cultivated on your soul’s journey and let them re-frequence you for this new time


Dates: October 2015 (exact dates to be announced)
Location: Sandpoint, Idaho
Cost: $500

For more information or to register for this class contact Berta Kuhnel at


About Berta C. Kuhnel
berta “My joy is to facilitate bringing forth the richness of personal potential, clearing the way for each person to engage in the beauty of their life’s journey, shining their gifts into the world. This increases the quality of life for individuals, furthering the development of a balanced, healthy and harmonious world.”Berta works internationally as a practitioner, teacher, and trainer within the realms of Shamanic Healing facilitating transformation for individuals, groups, and practitioners.