Dannielle Bryan

dannielle-bryan-aboutFounder and Adventurer of Life


My passion is to connect people with their highest potential so they may live happy, wholehearted lives that they can say YES to!  I have had a dream of creating a space where both teachers and participants can come together to learn, grow, and experience life changing events filled with beauty, travel, fun and adventure. And I have decided to say YES to this dream and live it myself.

I have been blessed with meeting and working with some of the top trainers, facilitators and teachers from around the world.  For six years I worked with a leading author and his International School, filling, assisting and coordinating courses, expeditions, and workshops. My goal was to create an easy seamless process and experience for the participant, and oversee the necessary details for an amazing event. I have worked with and supported participants from almost every continent and have watched their lives transform.  They have touched my life and have been an inspiration to me.  To all the wonderful souls I have come in contact with….Thank You!

I have had an active practice as a massage therapist, shamanic practitioner, teacher and guide for the last 13 years. It has been my pleasure and honor to work with people who are motivated and dedicated to saying Yes to their calling and stepping fully onto the path of unleashing their passion and purpose and living their fullest expression of themselves. It is a courageous walk, and well worth every step.

I have been on a path of self discovery my whole life, but for the last 17 years it has taken me to new places and new heights that I could never have imagined. And Creating the Inspired Network has been my most daring adventure so far. I am excited to bring amazing experiences to the world and to continue assisting people on their journey. Whether it is a healing journey, spiritual journey, retreat, or business enhancement, it is all a Life’s Journey and I look forward to our collaboration together!

To the Adventure of Life,



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