About the Inspired Network


Why We’re Here and How We Came to Be

The Inspired Network was born out of the question, “If you could live the life of your dreams, what would that be?”  My background is rich and varied.  I spent 15 years working with clients, and students, guiding them and supporting them on their journeys, 8 years of working with an International Shamanic Training School, and a lifetime of public relations and sales.  I have a calling to bridge all these aspects and bring my passion, skills, and expertise, to create the Inspired Network, where people can find and connect with the Best of what is available to them in an industry with thousands of offerings.  The IN is a coming together of the Best of the Best, from presenters, to audiences, to the dream team that makes it all possible.  Together our mission is to uplift lives, live into our fullest potential, and help you achieve your goals.

What We Do and What We Bring

The difference with Inspired Network is EXPERIENTIAL programming.  Are you looking for innovative ways to lead your business, or seeking to deepen and refine your spiritual and physical life, or take your client practice to new heights?  Each and every one of our workshops, trainings and retreats is Experiential in nature so that you can bring home the wisdom, insight and transformation to Create Your Life by Design!

At the Network we inspire people on many levels.  We offer the Best programs, the Best audiences, the Best team, and the Best experience. We create, produce, and help develop curriculums that are designed to give the participants soul enriching experiences.  To embody our mission of elevating life, we have created a network of the Best presenters in the industry along with the Best team to organize, spread, and share the messages.

We do many things at the Inspired Network, but we focus on these:

We are living in times of great change, challenge and opportunity.  Now, more than ever before, our path of personal growth is essential to our success, happiness, prosperity, contentment and well-being.  The Inspired Network exists to support you in getting your life’s work to a wider reach, cultivating your ideal audience, and guiding participants to find the right path in creating their life by design.

YES!  You can craft the life of your dreams.  It helps to have guidance from the experts, those who have walked through the fire of transformation and come out the other side with wisdom and a map of possibility.   Each of us is being compelled to live more richly, and we are here with tools, inspiration, guidance, beauty, pleasure and abundant Ah Ha moments to fuel your creative, expansive process.

Come study with one of our international teachers, attend a 3-day workshop, or join our Network and use our team to bring your life’s work to more global audiences.

Simply put, we produce events that will Up-level lives.

Here’s to the Magic of the Journey!